Best way to repeat block of buttons in many activities?

There are set of sound-program buttons for my receiver that I would like to include in several activities. I’ve tried two ways of doing this, each has problems:

  • Manually adding each of the sound-program buttons to the button grid for each activity. This is time-consuming, and if I want to modify the set of buttons, I have to edit each activity.

  • Creating an activity containing just those buttons, and putting a button linked to it in each other activity. This isn’t perfect, because after adjusting a sound-program setting, the user has to navigate back to the original activity, which runs the activity start commands.

Is there some other way to handle this task?

Yes. Option 2 except set the Activity as a Popup Activity. That removes the need to reopen any original Activity.

More information on Popup Activities in provided in the Activities documentation: … vities.pdf

Thank you.