Blue Iris Support

I just started using Roomie in the past 24 hours, and now the baby sitter and wife can finally utilize most of my HA hobby. It originally started with a couple foscams as baby monitors.

I see some of the newer h.264 cams are now supported but I don’t have any. I figured it would be kind of self centered to ask for specific support as not many customers would be effected.

Thats when I started thinking about Blue Iris. If you don’t know its NVR software and it supports way more ip cameras than I knew existed. Im pretty sure the API or whatever you need is published. I am receiving video to vera along with a highly refined motion detection not possible internally on the cams themselves.

Seems if you could integrate Blue Iris in some way similar to Vera then your supported camera list could grow exponentially. I would be very happy with just viewing a camera feed or salvo. PTZ would be super awesome. And actually being able to view recorded video, would just make me drool.


Hope you give it some thought. What you guys don’t support yet, Vera fills in the gaps, except for this one. No scenes will save me this time.


… and the multiple clients confuse foscam so I don’t like using them… and it only produces maybe 2fps if at all.