Bluetooth Devices

I wasn’t able to find anything on the forms so I thought I would post the question.

I am currently switching from Harmony to RoomieRemote in my Home theater. I run a HTPC MadVR and I use Bluetooth on the Harmony to control it. Are there any options to control bluetooth devices with RR?


To clarify, you’re trying to send keyboard/mouse commands to a PC? In general, apps exist for Windows or whatever OS you’re using to receive such commands, so you would either use the existing set for whatever you use in Roomie or put in custom commands. But really, the better question is likely what app you’re trying to control on Windows. For instance, Kodi is best controlled directly by Roomie and that’s a common one for HTPCs.

Hey thanks for replying.

I have a HTPC running JRiver which is a media center kinda like the old windows media center. It goes full screen and on a Media remote I use the typical d-pad and enter /ok button and the chapter skip buttons. It is not used to control a mouse or keyboard functions.

I use JRiver because it is compatible with MadVR for video processing.

Right now the Harmony remote connects to windows 10 under Bluetooth and in windows it shows as Harmony Keyboard. But my Harmony is dead so I am not able to use them anymore which is why I have been building out RoomieRomote for my theater.

Trying to emulate Bluetooth sounds like a horrific solution.

MCE Controller looks like it still exists and works:

The codeset for that in Roomie is brand Microsoft type Media Player. That’s the normal and correct way to send keyboard commands to Windows from back in the day when people used HTPCs.

Thank You Will!