BOND - Makes Your Old Ceiling Fan Smart ( Wi-Fi)

Saw this device on Amazon ( Apparently it learns older ceiling fan RF remote controls and the alows control over WiFi with Alexa or Google Home. Any chance for support in SimpleControl?


I have been a RR Subscriber for a couple of years and also a user of the original BOND bridge hub for controlling RF devices. BOND has been reliable and the developer has made many improvements and updates to the software over the time I’ve owned it. In addition, they have grown to include embedded controllers with a well-known big-box home improvement store.

I have used BOND bridge to control every ceiling fan in my home as well as a retractable awning under the SOMFY brand. Functionally, BOND is reliable and responsive, but they have never supported HomeKit, which I have chosen to be exclusive to, outside of RR.

I once had some support for integration with iOS Shortcuts using an IFTTT web hook, but the developer, Olibra, has recently abandoned IFTTT support in favor of other integrations (Google, Alexa, Samsung). They seem to have a well documented SDK, but I have no experience with that level of development. My knowledge largely extends to simple scripting and such.

This thread is now stale with no activity since 2018, but I am curious about whether you’d consider adding this as a device in RR? As a hub, it could add compatibility with a large number of SmartHome devices where currently a “gap” seems to exist (RF Control).

Thank you for the consideration and thanks for the continued development of RR!

I’m using the HomeBridge Bond Plugin to get Homekit integration for my Bond devices and by extension, access in Roomie Remote.


Thanks Jeff,

Appreciate the response. I figured I can’t be the only one with a bunch of ceiling fans!

Not to drift off-topic too far, but what kind of device are you running homebridge on? Old Mac or PC? Raspberry Pi? Has it been reliable or finicky for you?

Originally I was running Homebridge on Windows 10. It worked fine but because it was my general purpose machine, I was doing lots of things including rebooting often. So I switched to a dedicated Raspberry Pi. It’s been really reliable and works fine.