Brazilian guide


I’ve just installed the Roomie Remote app and it’s just great! May I suggest you to add the Sky HDTV guide from Brazil? It would be awesome! Here’s the official link:

I vote for brazilian NET TV guide.

The Brazilian guide is available to us for an extra fee from our providers. So we are determining how to account for that as all other countries are not considered an additional fee. The actual activation of Brazil guide data is trivial for us.

Thank you.

I don’t think we, brazilians, would mind to pay an aditional price (like the infrared add-on). Why don’t you put this as an optional feature? It’s not your fault if Brazil charges for everything. I’ll sure be the first buyer!


I would pay this extra fee if needed to have the NET and SKY TV Guides for brazil. That is a good idea. Regards,


So, any news on the brazilian guides? When are you planning on adding them (even with the extra fee) on your software? Regards!

Any news??? I don’t mind to pay more for brazilian tv guide

Add Brazilian Guide, please!!!

Hi, please add Brazilian Guide. I supose brazilians would pay any extra to have the guide. Thank you!

Please roomie crew, send us an update on your plans for the Brazilian TV guide! Wont it be worth if you charge us to cover the expenses? We are a huge country with lots of roomie users