BrightChoice Kuler IR LED Bulb - cant learn remote

Having a bit of trouble learning the IR codes for my LED light bulbs. They’re these on Amazon (similar but use different remotes with different codes)

“BrightChoice Kuler” bulb … bulb+color … pd_cp_hi_3 not sure what the brand is for these but they appear to be by the same manufacturer- again with different remotes

Anyway trying to learn them with the iTach hasn’t been successful, I’m able to get successful learns eventually but when I go to control the bulbs only a fraction of the buttons actually work. Incidentally the Kuler bulb uses very similar codes as my MonoPrice 4x4 HDMI matrix as I discovered to my dismay, ended up putting that unit behind some stuff and using one of the Stick on IR wires for that.

Since obviously the itach is capable of broadcasting the codes (but just not learning them) are there any tips on how to proceed?