Bryston IP Integration (BR20, BDA 3.14)


I am new to Roomie Remote, although I have started to make some progress with the equipment that is listed already in the system. I am moving from a logitech Harmony with some but limited programming skills. I am currently working round these by Calling my Harmony remote - the only control set I can find otherwise is for the SP3 processor.

The two items I am currently struggling with are My Bryston BR-20 Preamp which basically operates in Theatre Bypass for movies. I have a set of Hex commands which work for both IR and IP I have been told. The other item is Bryston BDA 3.14 Streaming Dac which is in my office/Headphone system, although the two are very similar in technology.

So I have taken a custom control set and added the commands to it.HDMI1
006D 0000 0012 0049 000B 000B 0049 000B 0049 000B 0049 0049 000B 0049 000B 000B 0049 0049 000B 000B 0049 000B 0049 0049 000B 0049 000B 0049 000B 0049 000B 000B 0049 000B 0049 000B 0049 000B 029

I have also find a reference which states something more like this, for the commands.

So I am not sure which port these should be on or what protocol to use UDP, SHH Telnet etc.

Any thoughts would be most welcome as at the minute I am struggling to get enough of a foothold to make progress.

Many Thanks In Advance


With irrelevant exceptions, Harmony didn’t control things via IP, it only used Infrared. The first code you pasted is a Pronto Infrared code. So you can certainly put that into a Custom Device in Roomie, and then target it to an iTach infrared adapter. This topic is documented extensively (it’s a sizable percentage of the Setup Guide).

The second command you pasted has no meaning. You’d need to figure out what the context is. Maybe it’s an IP command for your device in which case perhaps you don’t need infrared, but given the devices you named, my guess is you’re better off going infrared.

Thanks, Will,
I do have an ITach as a backup plan and have created some custom devices on the IR side, although in the meantime setting up a simple IR routine on my already-in-place Harmony has got me 95% of the way there, so in the meantime I was trying the IP route.

My preference is to get control over IP, if I can to frankly reduce the number of wires around my home cinema system. The Brystons are IP controllable and have two ethernet connections - one for the streaming input and one for service and control which gives a small webpage with some control options. I have asked Bryston for the codes who say the Hex controls codes shown also work for control over IP.

The other codes I listed as I was surprised they were different - are from a help page on the control interface - so I included it incase the hex approach was definitely wrong and this looked more feasible with Roomie Remote.

Many Thanks In Advance