Button Sounds/Vibration

Would really like to see button sound feedback make it into the code, is this a possibility ?

Optionally it may be nice to have vibrate also (on those devices that can support it). Possibility even 2-3 different “beep” options for button feedback when pressing a remote button, maybe even the ability to use our own sounds or possibly existing system sounds.

It’s nice to know when you press a button, I think it may help with the feel, one of the things people don’t like about controlling their devices with a touchscreen is the lack of feel, this would help with that.

I can’t believe I’m the only one who wants this ?

You’ll notice version 1.6 introduced many features that were first discussed in this very forum. The “master list” per se is the feature overview as features are not really final until it is released. We always have various features in a partial state that is not ready for release so we really can’t say for sure a feature will make a release until it does. We’re aware of the request for sound/vibration.