Call for Samsung 2012 TV IP Control Testing

A very interesting message was posted by reader Nick as a response to our IP control report yesterday:

The poster states that he got IP Power On control working for a Samsung EU55ES8000 (the European variation of the top of the line ES8000 series). The way he did this is explained in his post above. Unfortunately, it does not apply to the entire Smart TV range based on our testing. We’re not sure which models it does apply to. We have confirmed it does not work on a UN32ES6500 which is on a much lower end of the Smart TV range.

We’d like to ask any users with 2012 Samsung Smart TV models to check for the settings mentioned in the post, specifically ‘Set Remote Access’->‘Remote Scheduler’->On and then verify that Roomie can indeed power on your model. If you could post any positive OR negative results here with your exact model number, we’d appreciate it.

2012 Smart TV models have ES in their model number.

On our test UN32ES6500, we do not have such an option. Instead, there is a “Remote Home Care” option which when enabled does give the same warning mentioned but the TV cannot in fact then be turned on via IP. We’re hoping to crowdsource this information as Samsung itself does not seem to be aware of this way of using their products.

Tried my US UN60D7000 and no joy. The tools menu doesnt bring up anything when in the SmartHub and I couldn’t find any reference to the remote access manager.


The D series is 2011. This feature if it exists would definitely only apply to select 2012 models.

Hi All

Just joined after setting up Roomie for the first time and I’ve got to say what a fantastic App. My Setup is as follows:

Samsung UE46ES8000 TV

Pioneer VSX-921 Reciever

Popcorn Hour A-400 Media Box

Pioneer BDP 140 Blu Ray (Roomie found device but I’ve not tested yet)

Xbox 360 and Wii

I can confirm the instructions mentioned on the post above re wake up via IP worked a treat for me on the samsung UE46ES8000 with the latest firmware.

The instructions were:

Using the remote…

[SMART HUB Button] -> [TOOLS Button] -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Account Manager’ -> ‘Set Remote Access’ -> ‘Remote Scheduler’ -> ‘On’….

A message will be displayed…

“….With remote access on, your TV will go on standby even when turned off……”

Click ‘OK’

I just had to do one thing and that was to setup a samsung account otherwise the option ‘Account Manager’ is greyed out.

Many thanks for the post above as this does mean I can now get rid of those other remotes!



So far we have a UE46ES8000 and an EU55ES8000 that seem to have the Remote Scheduler feature. The UE seems like it may be a UK model? The EU represents EU models. USA models are generally UN.

The safest working assumption right now is that the Remote Scheduler may be limited to the ES8000 series.

Yep the UE is the UK model

Just want to clarify that the ‘Power On’ command works within Roomie but the special command ‘Wake on Lan’ does not work.

I done some test right now with your instructions :

UE-40ES8080 Power On is OK

UE-40ES6780 Power ON is NOT possible

UE-40D8080 Power ON is NOT possible

UE-40D6710 Power ON is NOT possible

In the 3 models were it doesn’t work in “Account Manager” you don’t find “Set Remote Access” then you can’t activate it.

(In Switzerland we have Samsung with “UE” too !)

While I have four Samsung TV’s to configure, I have tested the Samsung UN55ES6500F - 55" LED TV 3D and it Does Not Support the Remote Access / Remote Scheduler Function (only lists the Remote Home Care option in the Admin Function).

The Samsung 3D BluRay Player (BD-E5900) also has the same Power On IP Control Option.

I have try and on UE-40ES6980 Power ON is NOT possible too.

Remote Scheduler not an option in Account Manager submenu for UN75ES9000 either.


I have a late 2012 UN65ES8000, I checked under Smart Hub, Tools, Settings, Account Manager and there is no set remote access. The only options listed under this are:

Link to other account

Remove from TV account list


Change Account Info

I would be happy to test any suggestions. Rich

So far we have 2012 UK and EU models of the ES8000 series supporting it and that’s it. No US models. So this was very sparsely implemented apparently.

I am certaintly not versed in electronics related firmware, but I would asssume that there is different firmware being programmed into the Common Manufactured Platform of SmartTV’s based on the Major Market. So, is there a chance that a Roomie Company Rep could contact Samsung and see if this is just an issue of some Code that works in the UK & EU being ported across to the US/North America Firmware version?

At this point we’ll leave this sticky for just a bit longer but it seems like we have all the data we need to say that this was an EU/UK feature for remote scheduling that didn’t make it to the US market, and was only available in the EU/UK on ES80XX models.

The next step is to do a full workup on the new F series for 2013.

My Samsung UN32EH5300F does not have the scheduler option either. Wished it did. By the way, it was manufactured in October of 2012.

Unsticking this post as we feel this has been fully tested. Thanks for everyone’s help.

One point is that when you enable remote scheduler it then deactivates voice control power on.