Can anyone please suggest a 32" ethernet-controllable TV?

needs to accept power on/off commands / wake-on-LAN

I’ve heard the 2012 Sony one on the list, but can’t find any to buy. Any suggestions from your experience?


In case anyone else is ever in the same boat… tried a Sony KDL-w600A with no luck. Though it seemed to be a South American model, and I couldn’t even get it to work with Sony SideView iPhone app. So maybe a regional thing?

Anyone tried KDL-32W700B? It’s not on the supported list but seems similar… $600 gamble to buy it though

There was some talk of the Sharp LC-32LE653U 32-Inch 1080p being an IP power on/off tv. Anyone try it yet?

hmm that Sharp model on their web site says no for IP control. hoping it’s wrong. anyone tried?


Ethernet: Yes
Built-in Wireless: Yes (802.11 b/g/n)
IP Control:

For the moment, we would advise avoiding all Sharp 2015 models. We got one of their latest and were told by their support folks that IP control, while listed as supported, is not actually supported until a future firmware update. Also, this week Sharp announced they’re no longer going to be in the US and other markets for TVs. Too much uncertainty at this point. If the IP control does eventually get pushed out, we have every intention of supporting it, but it may well be for instance that their departure from the market could impact that happening.

Regarding the original topic, the safest choice would be moving up to a 40" from Sony such as this one:

Thank you.

Not to sound like a Roomie advert, but choosing a TV purely for IP control is tail wagging the dog.

I suggest choosing a TV for the best TV / picture /resolution and then budgeting to add a Roomie Blaster to get IP-to-IR control. You will be much happier getting the right TV than compromising just to find something that has built-in IP control.