Can Boxee TV use same IP control as Boxee Box (DLink)?

My customer is looking at the Boxee TV. Will that use the same IP control as the older Boxee Box that’s listed in the IP compatibility section?

We have not had a chance to use that box directly. It’s certainly possible it uses the XBMC-style variant that Boxee Box uses, but we don’t yet know.

There is a bunch of new Boxee Box related functionality coming in a near-term Roomie release by the way (again no idea if it applies to the new box though).

We’ll see tonight. I picked up a Boxee TV today. I’ll report back as soon as I know something.

Well, that didn’t work out very well :frowning:

There was no auto-discovery, so I set it to the IP address and port 8800. It gave blue feedback on the Roomie, but nothing happened on the Boxee TV. I then set it to 8080, with the same results. Other ports I tried gave red feedback.

Has there been any information regarding IP control over this yet?

Bump, still wondering if there has been an update on this. If there is anything I can do on my end to help, let me know.

We haven’t seen anything on IP control for Boxee TV as opposed to the Boxee Box that we already provide extensive support for. If you come across anything, please pass it along here. Thank you.

Thanks for the reply (especially on a Sunday). Boxee doesn’t seem to have a developers forum like they did for the Box. I’m about to shoot them an email. Does it matter that the same app that controls the Boxee Box, controls the Boxee TV? I can’t say if the third party remote apps do that too since I don’t own a Box to confirm. I’ll check tonight to see if the TCP commands from the Box have any effect on the TV.

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