Can I use one iTach to handle two rooms?

My Living Room and Master Bedroom are right next to each other. I’d like to know if I can use one iTach WiFi to provide a blaster to my Living Room and then an emitter to my bedroom using an extension. Basically there will be two rooms using this one iTach with 4 activities in the Living Room and one activity in the MBR.


Absolutely. It’s all of matter of wiring and how pretty you want to make all the wires look between rooms. Emitters can be spliced into 2 wires of a category cable from very long runs.

Thank you.

Since the only equipment I use that is controllable via IP are my DirecTV receivers in each room, I just may go that route. Pretty sure I can locate the iTach in a closet between the two rooms and then run the blaster about 6’ so it mounts on the wall facing all the gear in the Living Room and then run a single emitter to control my TV in the bedroom while I control the DirecTV box via IP. Sound okay?