Can Roomie Mute Button Drive Other Outcomes

I have always been a fan of the Roomie graphical object that can control volume and supports mute on/off. I use it whenever i can and my family just gets it. I would however like the mute button to be able to be used to drive other outcomes. I have a whole house audio setup that has multiple amplifiers that I would like to mute with the same button. As an example i hoped that I could use this button to drive an automation that would drive these other outcomes. Is this possible, or has anyone figured out an alternative approach. Thanks.

You can certainly execute commands like that to whatever you want in a custom button.

However to integrate it into the full volume UI, it needs to support that kind of behavior. Specifically, we do support exactly that including grouping control over Sonos devices. I’m aware of APIs that would allow that with HEOS as well if we added support for that aspect there.

So anyway it’s all about demand and whether a good control API exists for the specific device(s) you’re trying to use.

+1 for HEOS grouping support.

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+1 for HEOS group support.

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+37 for HEOS group support