Can the DirecTV descriptors be more descriptive

I have two in my Home Theater, which I call DVR3 and DVR4 because they are connected to HDMI 3 and HDMI 4 of my AVR (and the AVR before that and the scaler before that). I use DVR4 for mainly OTA recording and DVR3 for mainly cable channels.

I have two activities in the Home Theater for them: Watch DVR3 and Watch DVR4. I have two more in the Office which uses the Zone 4 output of the AVR.

In setting things up, there are many times that the only way to differentiate between the two is using the MAC address, which is the last thing I memorize. I know one ends in 16 and the other 17 for the IP address, but that doesn’t tell me which is DVR3 or DVR4. And the main descriptor that these are both Series H devices is totally useless.

Is there someway to override these descriptors in the device list? or add a radio button to show the IP address (for those of us who have bothered to use address reservation)? Or even better, apply a label instead?