Can we get more DDK examples?


I’m trying to integrate a Gefen matrix switch with my setup and I feel I have a good grasp on Roomie concepts, the plist format and I have good documentation from Gefen describing all of the matrix commands. I am able to control the switch via telnet commands; I have been able to back up and restore and add the matrix device and commands; I am able to test the remote on the new device.

However I’m struggling to figure out why my configuration file doesn’t actually work.

It would be extremely helpful to have more examples in the DDK. The DDK appears to suggest looking at more examples as it says the following:

Before crafting your own command names for commands not mentioned above, we recommend looking through similar devices in Roomie for appropriate command names. Roomie keys off many different command names for many different types of devices for remote formatting purposes, feedback, and other functionality.
However as far as I know I have no visibility to these since they are all bundled in the app.

Please help.

Thanks -apri

The command names referred to there are listed under Page 10 of the DDK under the topic Reserved Command Names.

Thank you.

Thanks for the quick reply. I see those specific commands.

My question/request is more general though - it would be extremely helpful to have a smattering of different examples from different products you have already integrated to give us more clues of how to integrate different types of devices.

Successful examples can be very informative. All I have right now for IP is the one example provided in the DDK and my non-working matrix plist :frowning:

Could you help with maybe a couple more IP examples - for example I think it would help me to see the Atlona IP matrix control plus a UDP example. I have no idea whether I’m encoding the UDP commands appropriately.

Thanks again -apri

I agree! More examples are a big help! Even if they are examples based on the items that are currently supported!

I would love to get some examples. I am playing with the Wink API now and would love to get a better understanding of integrating Wink into Roomie. It would be awesome if I could get the Vera system as an example.