Canal Digitaal Netherlands Channels

The Channel List of Canal Digitaal for Holland is not correct. I choose the HD channels.

1= ok but channel logo is missing
2=??? Should be “Nederland 2 HD” wrong channel, so also epg is wrong.
3= ok
4= ok
5= ok
6= ok
7= ok
8= Number 10 should be 8 (so this one should be RTL 8 HD)
9= ok
10= Number 8 should be 10 (so this one should be Veronica) AND logo is missing.

Is this possible to change? Especially channel 2 which is a totally strange channel and epg for me.


Now I just select an other channel list: Caiw HD. This one is correct, but is ment for cable…? or not? The Canal Digitaal HD (Satelite) list is’t correct. Channel 2 is a Norwegian channel or something… Channel 8 and 10 are just switched arround in my channel list of the decoder. I corrected this in my VU+.

We gather up reports like this and send them on to our guide data providers. We’re not entirely sure whether you’re saying there is a remaining problem. Did you find a lineup does work for you now?

Oke, I try to explain. I have Canal Digitaal, (dutch satelite provider) as my provider, with base and HD package. So I go to guide setup, select Netherlands, Dutch and postal code. The as provider I select “CanalDigitaal HD with Netherlands Area Channels (Central Europe)”. If I use this list, channel 2 (Nederland2 HD) is missing. Instead of this channel, there is some kind of Norwegian channel with Norwegian epg which does not belong there.

Solution is, to go in the guide setup, and select “Netherlands - CAIW HD” as provider (cable, and not satelite provider). Then I have the most important channels available and correct epg. So this works for me, but the CanalDigitaal list should be correct…

Maybe I do something wrong?
I hope you understand what I mean?