Cannot get Dish VIP222 to respond

Hi, I just started programming roomie. My first supported device, tv, works perfectly. I moved on to my Dish VIP-222 and have had no luck. I am using an emitter (with IP2IR) and it is blinking when I issue a command. I have tried all “all model ir address” settings and all retransmit counts. No luck. Has anyone successfully set one of these up? Are there any known issues? Any help appreciated.

Those units need a Retransmit Count of 2. Also, many Dish devices are not configured for infrared control. There are settings on the Dish box itself with regards to the IR address and whether IR is even turned on and those need to match up with what you select in Roomie.

Thank you for the fast response! I’ll dig through the Dish menus and see if I can’t figure it out. Is there a specific IR address that goes with that model?

Got it! Thanks for the help. In case anyone else is stuck, here is what I found that worked.

When trying to control a Dish Network Satellite box, there are two things to make sure are ready:

  1. The Dish Network box is setup to be controlled through IR (and thus not RF)
  2. The Remote Address of the Dish Network box is set to 1-8.

If you start doing this procedure and then do not press any button
for 20 seconds, the remote will end the procedure. Just start over again.

  1. Press the Sys Info button on the Dish receiver to display the
    Important System Information menu.
    Note the Remote Address shown on this menu.

  2. Using the original Dish Network remote, Press and hold the Sat Mode
    button until all the mode button backlights come on
    (it takes about three seconds).
    Release the Sat mode button.

  3. Use the number buttons to enter the number 1-8 that you want to use.

The Sat mode button backlight will blink off after you enter

each digit, and then come on again.

  1. Press the Pound button. If the address you entered is valid for
    the remote control, the Sat mode button backlight flashes three times.

  2. Press the Record button. The Remote Address on the
    Important System Information Screen menu should match
    the one you entered.

  3. To check the address, press and hold the Sat mode button for
    three seconds. Then press the Pound button twice.
    The Sat mode button backlight flashes the same number of
    times as the address.

  4. Press the Select button.

  5. You can now program the corresponding remote address for your remote!