Cannot Power on Sharp Aquos LC920 via Serial

I purchased the Lan to Serial adapter available from this website. It arrived crazy fast (thank you) and I set it up last night. I’ve got a very basic setup at the moment. DTV Receiver, AppleTV and the above listed TV. I added the “All Sharp” TV via the adapter and it seemed liked everything worked beautiful. All buttons work as they should. The one hang up I’ve run into though is that the TV won’t power on. It powers off just fine, and it’ll even power “back” on if the set has just been turned off, but anything more than 15-30 seconds beyond last shut down, the TV won’t power on. This is via both my setup activity and just merely hitting the power button.

Any suggestions?

Sharp uses an internal hidden setting on how it handles power on. For IP we list the “POWER COMMANDS IP” setting that must be sent as a command to the unit via IP.

For RS232, there is a similar setting that must be sent via the serial line, and that is “POWER COMMANDS RS232”. Sending that command tells the Sharp to listen to serial when it is turned off.

Thanks for the quick response. To clarify, do I select that just once to tell the TV to power up via Serial and then use the “normal” power on/off from there forward?

OK so I did the above and it worked perfectly HOWEVER, now I cannot adjust the volume on the TV. Mute works, but the volume toggle does nothing.

That doesn’t sound related. That sounds like a configuration error. Try restarting everything and checking configuration and contact support if it continues. Thank you.