Cannot Unzip Backup File

Hi, I’m new to Simple Control, migrating from iRule. I want to add a custom device to send simple strings to a TCP server on my network. I’ve followed the instructions for creating a custom device but I can’t unzip the file. It doesn’t look like a valid zip file. Using Simple Control v5.0.8, what am I doing wrong?


It’s actually raw gzip data. But any good gzip should be able to handle it. Right click Decompress works on macOS as well.

Thanks. Now I’ve unzipped the file with gunzip but the output is a binary file, not plain text/XML as I was expecting. Am I missing a step?

Actually it is a text file if your zip works correctly.

Then something odd is going on! :slight_smile:

When I look at my iCloud drive on a PC, Mac, or via a web browser, I can’t see the SimpleControl subfolder. I can see it when I browse using the Files app on my iPad. From there I’ve been copying the file to the root of my iCloud from where I can then see it on other hardware. The zip file unzips without any errors from gzip but the resulting file is binary/gobblygook not plain text. Is the copy procedure corrupting the file maybe?

Not sure why I can’t simply view it in iCloud in my Mac.


Correction. It looks like a text file on macOS. It’s actually a binary plist file, still editable as a text file via BBEdit, etc. The DDK goes into detail on how to edit these. Making changes inside your backup to the raw data is very much not recommended outside the context of the DDK instructions.

Perfect! I got it now. Thanks for your help.