Can't add Dpad to remote design

I’m trying to customize the design of the remote for an activity and it won’t let me add a dpad within the module (it is grayed out). Is this by design or a bug? I’ve also noticed the issue when choosing the power icon sometimes it will show the icon but other times it just shows the word power. Resetting the activity seems to have fixed that issue but didn’t fix allowing me to add a dpad.

For reference, I’m trying to set up an activity for AppleTV. I want a tray underneath for my TV and soundbar with all of the extra buttons to control them. So I’m trying to add a dpad for the directional buttons for my TV.

Each device can have one of every module type in an Action Panel. So if you already have a DPad for a Primary Device, make sure the Activity includes (with or without commands) the other device(s) that need DPads (just Add Command, select the device, and tap Skip when selecting a command). The other device’s DPad will then be included in the Action Panel as well. Some devices have numerous DPads, such as Denon receivers, and in that scenario all of the DPads can be found in the tray for that device.