Ceiling fan WIFI control

What is the preferred device to control a ceiling fan (speed of fan, as well as light dimming) over WIFI? Any help is appreciated.

Is this for an existing ceiling fan? What if any controller / hub are you already using for your lighting, etc.? I’ve tried a few different methods. In our new home we’re considering homekit enabled fans and in our existing place we have isy controlled fans that we’ve integrated.

This is for an existing fan. Fan is very good, but RF remote stopped working. So seems like the perfect time to upgrade. No controller / hub yet, so I’m not married to any one system. I’m leaning leotards Insteon, just hoping it will be compatible.

On my new Minka-Aire fan the controller is separate and lives in the cone near the ceiling. It’s RF based. Even the wall-controller is just an AC-Powered (proprietary-RF?) RF controller.

I asked Minka-Aire to design us some new controllers. Or, I think all we really need is a Minka-Aire Hub … that should work with all their existing stuff, right?

Only other thing I could come-up-with is hot-wiring a coffee-table remote … but there is uncertainty and expense. I’m just not that into it.