Chamberlain / Liftmaster Garage door openers w/ MyQ connecti

I recently upgraded our garage door opener to a Liftmaster from Chamberlain. It features a network/internet connected technology called MyQ. It is wireless gateway that acts as a garage door remote. It can control their openers, their own branded light switches and power outlets. Additionally, it provides status messages whenever the door is opened or closed. I believe that it is a closed protocol. However, the community at MiCasa Verde have come up with some json scripts that work as a plug in. It is available at:

Would it be possible to add this into Roomie?


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I second this request.

it would be nice to add to Roomie
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Has anyone come up with a way to integrate it with the MyQ by Chamberlain technology? I have the same system and would like to know how to do it.


Same here. Please add MyQ integration.

Has anyone tried the MyQ home bridge for homekit? I’m new to SC but it seems like it would allow the garage doors to be discovered in SC and then do things like turn on the exterior lights when the garage door is opened, so that for instance my wifey doesn’t back over the mailbox.

I use it. Works great. Integrates with Home Bar.