Change order in TV guide

Would be great if there was a way to re-order the channel guide - i.e. not need to have them in channel-code order.

In sweden for instance a alot of the HD channels are sent on high channel-code numbers -e.g. National Channel 1in HD is sent on channel- code 086 (the SD/original is sent on 001)

Hence, it would be awesome to be able to reorder the guide! (maybe possible to use the standard iOS gui re-arrange function?)




I second this. I just switched from FiOS (back) to Comcast and had forgotten how random their channel numbers are. At least with Fios all our frequent channels were grouped together. Also, not all channels are in HD, but I still want to put the SD channels near where their HD cousins are in the guide (e.g. Cooking SD should be near Food HD; DIY SD near HGTV HD, etc)

+1. please make this possible in your next release