Channel Guide Provider List not Populated

Absolute new user here. Setting up Roomie and when I go to Add Channel Guide (in settings) it shows no providers. My country (USA) and zip code are correct. When I hit the drop down for provider, I get the light grey box with nothing in it. Let it sit for 5 minutes and still nothing. I have the cable box added (Xfinity X1) but it will not give me a guide. When I set up the cable box, it did ask if I wanted to find a guide and I said yes with the same results. It does control the box I might add. What am I missing? Thanks

Everything seems to be operating just fine right now in my testing. Perhaps you ran into some provider downtime. I’d need your zip code and exact information if there is an actual location issue. Which as usual is inappropriate for the forum so contact support if needed.

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It populated the next day but I couldn’t reply to the forum since the post was pending. All good now. Thanks!