Channel Guide with multiple TiVo's

I have a Tivo in my Living Room & Bedroom that I control with Roomie. The issue I have is that the channel guide on Roomie only connects to the Tivo in my Living Room. For example it only gives live feedback for that Tivo & won’t let me change the channel on my bedroom through the guide in my bedroom even if I am in that Room on Roomie. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is this a limitation? If so it would be nice of the guide was attached to different rooms for different activities in a future update.

Sounds like perhaps you added the wrong TiVo to the room. If you have the correct TiVo associated with an Activity, that is the device that will be used for channel changes.

I was able to get the guide to change between rooms, but it will not give me live feedback for the current channel in my bedroom only in the living room?

TiVo channel feedback is passive, so it’s commonly empty unless you’ve changed the channel since opening the Activity. If you email support, we can send you the experimental TiVo set which resolves all of that and more.

I followed the instructions emailed to me but am having Issues. I responsed with my results & issues. Thank you for the help & opportunity to test this new experimental feature set.

After entering the Media Access Key not the TSN I was able to successfully take advantage of all of the new features. So far I like what it offers I will try it out more today when I get home.

Thank you for the help & opportunity to beta test this awesome feature!