Channel list for countries without a Guide

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As you may have noticed in my other topics I am busy building my control solution in Roomie and are getting closer step by step.
My next challenge is that I live in a country with no tv guide support (the Netherlands). I knew this up front of course, but I was kind of expecting that I could still have a channel list at least. Even if I would have list channels and numbers by hand. I cannot really figure out how to do it though.
Is there the option to add a channel list? Could just be a list of channels by name and if you press it the tv switches to that channel.

This is one of the last hurdles I think, I have most of it working now.

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That will require a good amount of low-level manual modification to your config similar to the old way of developing custom code sets. The technique itself is the same as it has been for many years described here:

That method should still work just fine.

Thanks will, had a quick look at my backup as plist in an editor and I do see an empty section as described. I am familiar with editing xml files so I think I am able to manage this if I have an example of what it should look like.
Is there something like and exmaple I can look at where a channel list is put in without having an online guide? Then I can paste it in and change names and channel numbers

Probably simplest path is switch your country and just setup a real guide from a neighboring country. Then you can modify it from there according to the instructions.