Channel Logos


I live in a country where the channel guide is not supported. I need to create a screen when watching tv with my own channel logos and ir commands. for e.g. CNN is on channel 69 so I want to have the CNN logo with IR commands 6 and 9 programmed.

Please advise if that is possible and if so then how to go about it.

Also, please let me know how to disable the builtin channel guide.

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Disabling the built-in guide is part of the Guide Settings at the top of the Guide. You can turn it off per-activity.

The best way to do what you want right now is to create an Activity called Channels perhaps and put all your favorite channel buttons there on a custom Remote Design. Version 1.8 has a new feature called Popup Activities that will make that smoother as well. Tentatively, we’re hoping to include extensive guide channel customization in version 1.9, but that’s a ways away, so we’ll see.

Ok Thanks. One other question is that I am confused by the delay in command. Lets say that I have 2 commands. Power on and Input 1. I want to send the power on command right aways and then wait 2 seconds to send the input 1 command. I have tried and seen differing results. Please let me know what is the best way to do this.


Assuming the commands are targeted for the same device, you would just set Delay Next Command for the POWER ON command to 2 seconds.

Ok. Thanks

The guide customization sounds great. I have most of the channels with real info and guide now from different operator. in the future I would liike to change numbers and add a feed in other channels and information.