Channels reversed? missing channels?

When I chose the DirecTV Bay Area with locals for the guide, it shows ch2 as Fox and ch5 as CBS, but the HDTV channels are reversed: 2.1 is CBS and 5.1 is Fox.


Also, our PBS stations (because they are yours too) have more channels than are shown. I record all broadcast stations via OTA (both DVRs have the AM21 adapter) so that I have reduced compression that DirecTV, and the guide in the DVRs shows the additional channels: 9.2, 9.3, 9.4, 54.2, etc. How do we add these to the guide?

Those are not the HDTV channels, they’re legacy channels not used anymore (the providers will eventually remove them). Meanwhile, just don’t select those fractional channels as they’re no longer relevant.

If you have a secondary lineup, you can setup a second device with a different provider to represent that lineup.