Chromecast Google TV

Will Roomie Remote support Google TV? Roomie Remote recognizes the Chromecast Google TV device. However, the device user interface (UI) is the one used for Chromecast which only has a Volume control. Chromecast Google TV uses a remote control and required a UI similar to Roku. Will there be an upgrade UI for Google TV or is there a workaround?

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I assume that’s the one they just introduced. I read that it is now just an Android TV. Assuming that is the case, you may be able to add it on port 5555 using the Amazon FireTV or nVidia Shield code sets. You will also need to find where to turn on ADB/developer mode of course.

Has anyone had luck adding a new Google TV with chromecast using either the Shield or Fire TV codes manually? I have not, and did enable developer mode on the Google TV via the clicking 7 times on the OS version process.

I really like the device but without Roomie support, it’s hard to introduce to the family. I’d love to hear if anyone else has figured this out.

I just got one myself so I can cast Oculus sessions to my TV. Initially it was discovered as an Android TV but now will not auto discover. Neither the FireTV or Shield codes work on port 5555. Roomie moderators - any thoughts on this device?