Chromecast (HDMI CEC) to power on Samsung TV

Any chance that Chromecast’s CEC commands can be supported? The Chromecast can power on and switch the input of my 2012 Samsung TV. Since Power-on-over-LAN seems to be the big limitation of Samsung TVs, could I get Roomie to power on the TV using the Chrome’s CEC and then control and power off the TV using Roomie of the TV’s LAN connection?

Thats actually a great idea.

So you would power on the tv by powering on the Chromecast, then wait 200 ms or so, and in the power on ‘script’, switch to the input you really want. Since the chromecast on would be tracked by Roomie, it would’nt send the power on/off if I change devices.

Cool idea. I knew that chromecast (which is really slow and cumbersome, so I use a Roku), could come in handy for something.

Just want to say thank you for this post. The new Chromecast Power feature resulted directly from this feature request.

Thank you.

This is a great idea. I bought the Chromecast for this feature. You have to plug it in in a wall outlet, not the TVs usb port, since that doesn’t provide power when the tV is off.

However, I put the “cast power on” from the chrome cast at the start of my Living Room TV activity commands, and I get nothing.

The Samsung does not power on. Once powered on manually , the ip control works fine. I’ve tried various delays and repeats, but I got nothin’

Any ideas?


Remember that this feature is dependent on your TV being manufactured and configured to support power via HDMI CEC. Most TVs manufactured in the last roughly 5-8 years will be able to do that. You need to make sure that HDMI CEC is turned on though for it to work. That is called something totally different on every single TV brand. In the case of Samsung, they call it Anynet+.

Using the YouTube app, you can simulate the same behavior by simply casting to your TV when it is off. If that works, Roomie’s power control will also work.

Thank you.

Anynet+ was turned off on the Samsung TV settings. Turned it on. Works great. Thanks

Is it only the Chromecast HDMI CEC that will achieve this? Or will any product with CEC and a separate power control work?

I want to buy a soundbar, and utilise the ARC channel, but don’t want to lose the power over IP that my chromecast delivers.

I’m happy to lose the chromecast, but not the power over IP, so if the soundbar (I’m thinking of the monitor audio asb2) can’t switch the TV on, it will have to utilise an optical cable instead…


The thing about CEC is that the only way to know it will work is usually to try it.

However, the way Chromecast has used it avoids most of the pitfalls and becomes one of the rare instances where if your TV supports CEC and Chromecast is plugged directly into your TV, it works great. Once you start introducing more pieces into the CEC equation especially if you disconnect the Chromecast from the TV and put it on something else like a switcher or soundbar, all bets are off.

Thank you.

Awesome that the folks at Roomie are so responsive. Now I’m feeling bad as I had used the DDK to create a custom Chromecast device and had been using this functionality for months without sharing. :confused:

Maybe Roomie should be snooping in on what custom devices users are enabling in the app in order to discover all kinds of new features they could be adding. Wait. Nope. No! Nevermind… I didn’t suggest that. All kinds of privacy implications. Someone is bound to be posting passwords to a URL or something.

It’s a shame that Google doesn’t add a HDMI-CEC command interface to the Chromecast API as this would instantly make it one of the cheapest, most readily available CEC control devices out there.

I’ve since moved away from my Chromecast because I built just that: I built a small device, based on the pi, that interfaces between my network and HDMI-CEC. I used the DDK to add it as a device into Roomie along with functions to turn my TV on, off and switch between inputs. Like a lot of people, I have an IP enabled TV, but cannot use IP to turn it on, so that was the function I needed most. I also found that after switching the TV on, the IP control seems to take a minute or two to become available, so it is much more convenient to set the input for an activity via HDMI-CEC versus IP control to my TV.

The best part is, now that I basically have a network-enabled device which allows me to send raw CEC commands, there is no limit to what I can control via CEC by simply adding new commands to my device via the DDK.

Are you willing to share your pi solution? I would like to give it a try.

I just put it up on GitHub.

Hey all,

I’ve taken @jasmas’s work and kicked it up a few notches. Using some off the shelf open source software, I built a more native CEC bridge that will run on a Raspberry Pi, just like jasmas. It allows Roomie to natively communicate via CEC with your devices. Right now, there is no feedback, but I’m hoping to be able to add at least power state feedback soon.

More info here