Cisco U-Verse Remote

I just installed AT&T U-Verse with a Cisco ISB-7500 Set Top Box and a SO30-S1B remote. Is it possible to get a facsimile of the remote as I did with the XFinity remote? Thank you.

The Original Remotes feature was deprecated many years ago. It’s far more important to provide feedback about the show being watched, where you are in it, etc. and doing really anything was not compatible with the idea of displaying a perfect simulacrum of an original remote. While the feature technically still exists, it is fully deprecated in 5.0 later this year.

However, our DDK provides a complete sample of exactly that. If you’re willing to make it, you can construct it via the instructions there. At this point old Remote Designs like that will still be compatible with 5.0 (subject to change as it is still well before release) so that will probably work going forward as well.

We recommend using a normal Virtual Remote for such boxes.

Thank you.