Clean up the remote design Settings page

I love Roomie but the remote design settings are getting very fragmented, confusing, and inconsistent with how certain things are enabled and disabled. It would be awesome if this could be cleaned up a little bit.

Here is one idea of how this could be accomplished.

______________ route remote design pageDefault Design
Design Name
Duplicate Design | Change Design | Reset Design

Remote Modules>
Gesture Pods >

Background Image
Force Portrait Mode ( _o)

Start Options:
Use Full Screen ( _o)
Set Screen Brightness ( _o)
Open Gesture Panel ( _o)


This section would be where you can add and reorder the remote sections. It would be a very simple reorder list followed by an “Add Module button”. Each reorderable section could be clicked on for further configuration. Any section could be deleted and a user could add as many of any type of module as they like. This would be a lot more consistent than having toggles for certain sections to turn them on and off and would add the flexibility to add multiple modules of each type to a remote design.

When clicking the “Add Module” button a user would be presented with the following options.

Top Bar
Direction pad
Media pad
Media Feedback
Play Pad
Line Feedback
Number Pad
Time & Date
Button Grid
Anything that I missing. This would also add the flexibility to add modules in the future.

As stated above once the user ads modules they can be easily re-ordered and then clicking on the module title Will open the configuration for that module. For example clicking on the button grid would allow you to add and reorder the buttons to that button grid.

Gesture Pods>

Would basically be the same as the section where just your pods are set up now but in another hierarchy.

Yes, absolutely. We vote for this or something like it.

Thank you.