C'mon Aussie, c'mon, c'mon!

Come on guys, we went with you to go after Bin Laden - we’re still there. How about bumping the Australian TV Guide up the list?

I would like this also… but I dont think it will happen as the TV guide downunder is copyrighted… and roomie would have to pay for the data as I believe ice tv does… I hope im wrong but I dont think Au will be getting TV data anytime sooon

It’s safe to say we pay for our data already so that would be nothing new. As we’ve stated, we plan to announce a new set of countries “soon”. We don’t have any further details to provide at this time.

You can have the users subscribe to IceTV. That is what other developers like Elgato do.

I am sure they would be happy to help. It is all more income for them.