Codes for DVDO Egde Green

I realized that Roomie has codes for the ‘EDGE’, but not for ‘EDGE Green’. I tried the EDGE codes, but they did not work. So, I went thru the effort this weekend and learned the codes for the EDGE Green. The codes that I learned are:

  1. Power On/Off
  2. Suspend
  3. Input HDMI 1
  4. Input HDMI 2
  5. Input HDMI 3
  6. Input HDMI 4
  7. Input HDMI 5

Everything works great now! Hope this help others. BTW - AWESOME APP!!!

Here is the .plist…

Hmm, not sure how to paste this in since Wordpress chops the XML

plists can be emailed to if you’d like to get them into the main library.