Codes for Pioneer VSX-820 European versio

The VSX is just another member of the VSX series. You don’t need to do anything special other than select the standard command set for that model from the Infrared Control Pack with the iTach IR:
Pioneer: VSX/SC Series Main Zone All Models: Receiver

Thank you for your quick reply. The problem is that I chose it already but I cannot even switch on the receiver. If I switch it on from its remote only a handful of the buttons are working. examples of working codes are: bd, adapter, ipod, volume up & down. The other inputs and many more codes are not working at all.


thnx Chris

Have you walked through the FAQ and for instance increased the Retransmit Count or checked emitter/blasters? Sounds like that it’s just a reception issue. Volume working and not other commands almost always indicates reception issues as volume is repeated whereas other commands are generally not.



Thank you very much this corrected my problem.