Cogeco epico tv

This is the 3rd time reaching out. I’m not sure what to do. I had TiVo services and roomie worked like a charm. I had trouble with the TiVo box and my service provider (cogeco) said they are no longer going to use TiVo and have been switching everyone over to Cogeco Epico IPTV. My problem is roomie does not seem to have the device in there database. Funny thing is, if I go to guides in roomie it is there and I can add it. The unit is technicolor UIW4020cog. The last 3 characters change depending on the provider. Here is a link to the specs. I tried learning the IR commands but it did not work. I’m assuming it is Bluetooth. I did some searching and Harmony supports this model so there must be API out. Is there any chance this can be added to your compatibility list. I would really appreciate it. Should I be using any other means to contact you…


Don’t know anything about it, but a quick Google immediately indicates it may be an Android TV in which case you should be able to add it manually as a FireTV/Shield. This assumes you can find out how to turn on ADB. The remote in their instructions is “paired” so it is not infrared. It is obviously an Android TV because their own instructions are basically broken if you don’t use an Android phone and provide a Google account.

I was able to turn on ADB and the few buttons that are available work. I was hoping to be able to control the TV guide and channel numbers and few other buttons. Do you think you will add full support for the device.

I don’t live in Canada, it’s not possible to get that here. You would need to create a custom device. I recommend waiting for 6.5 which has a built-in code set editor.

When you get 6.5, you would need to add codes like:

shell:input keyevent KEYCODE_WAKEUP

You would create that as a custom codeset with the ADB type.

Most likely, you need digit codes like KEYCODE_1 for DIGIT 1 etc, but really no idea since normal Android TV boxes don’t have such buttons.

This is great news. It may be the answer I’ve been looking for. I have an ATT TV box and have the same issue. I can successfully add it as Fire TV but the ATT remote actually has many more buttons on it than a Fire TV stick or most other Android TV devices. This code set editor sounds like just the thing I need to add these additional buttons assuming I can get the codes. I’m pretty sure the ATT remote is also a Bluetooth connected device. Is there anyway to snoop these codes?

I had given up on getting this to work but decided to give it another go. The unit is an android tv and I was able to add it as nVidia on port 5555. This time it seems like there are more commands. Not sure though. There are numbers but when select the 3 numbers for a station sometimes just one digit or 2 digits show up on the screen and the box changes to a random channel. I tried going to the guide in Roomie which shows the correct 3 digit channel but when I select Tune the outcome is the same as above. The funny thing is if I select the keyboard in my activity and put in the 3 digit channel it works perfectly. For this to work I need to select guide then see what the station is then close the guide and select keyboard then change to numbers and enter the station, close the keyboard. Not really ideal. Any ideas to get it to work with entering a command for the digits or selecting tune from the guide.

That is what “Switching Delay” is for in the Advanced panel of the device in Roomie. Just set it to whatever your device needs.

Thanks for getting back to me. I tried a bunch of delays but nothing seemed to work. I also tried the switching format but it does not have my format. It has
I think I need ###Enter or ###
I don’t understand why the keyboard pop up works perfectly.

You can test the right sequence by creating the commands in an inline activity with the appropriate delays.

I’m having no luck. I guess I will need to use the keyboard icon. Not ideal but works every time. Just punch in the 3 digit channel and it switches right away without hitting enter.