Collapsed Buttons

Which prefix in which command set are you trying to collapse?

Hmm, I’m not understanding what you’re asking…I guess that’s a problem!

What I want to do is add a button on my DirecTV remote layout that shows me Motion Settings from my projector (MotionFlow Off, MotionFlow Low, MotionFlow High)

I’d like to add custom buttons for features I frequently use in Activities so I don’t have to show and jump back to the device to access them


Collapse commands always target the default device for the remote (except for the special case of Receiver Input/Mode) So if you create a Remote Design for the Projector, you can collapse those projector commands. If you don’t want to collapse DirecTV commands, you could create a projector Remote Design and then add anything else you’d like from DirecTV to that Remote Design.

So I’m clear, what I’m experimenting is this: I have an Activity, “Watch DirecTV”. I’m using the DirecTV remote layout for that activity. I’d like to add some collapsable menu options from other devices, like the projector, but also lighting, into that layout so it is immediately accessbile without jumping out to the device itself. This cannot be done?

I think a common customization would be to put buttons from other devices on the remote layout of another used in a particular activity, as I’ve described. It seems I can add single press discrete buttons from other devices into a different device layout, but not collapsable/pop up menus?

How does one even create a pop up within a device’s remote layout? Is their a tutorial?

And is adding pop-up menus from one device to another’s layout used in an activity a possibility for the future? I think it would be very nice.


Yes you can do that, you need to create the Remote Design on the Projector though, not DirecTV if you want to do that. Per the prior message, the collapsed commands will all source from the target device, the projector. You can target as many devices as you like from one Remote Design.