Colorado vNet RS232


Total newbie here looking at buying something like RoomieRemote.
I have a Colorado vNet (now 3vNet) lighting system which has an RS232 control device you can add to allow control of third party devices and also to be controlled by 3rd party devices like a touchpanel or whatever.
I want to be able to control the lights from my iPad and iPhone, will RoomieRemote and an iTach IP-RS232 (IP2SL) work for this?
I have the manual from vNet for the RS232 device which lists all the commands that are sent from the device to the 3rd party controller (iTach / RoomieRemote) to show what state the lights are in and also what commands you need to send to the RS232 device to control the lights.


Update: Forgot to say that all messages sent over the serial cable are in ASCII format if that makes a difference???

Sounds like a pretty standard scenario for the custom device DDK. We publish instructions on adding custom devices like that here:

Ok thanks… however I just read through all that and vroooom!
Over my head.
You guys aren’t working on adding the vNet lighting control system by any chance?

Here’s the vnet rs232 guide. Any help or starters on how to do this would be greatly appreciated! … x?id=31110

We’ve added this to our list of devices to analyze, but that could be a while and this is currently the only request for this device. There are some examples on page 27 of the document you linked that should let someone create a very simple command set if you don’t need to write it generically and can thus model it directly to your needs. Contacting support may be able to provide the help you need as we do support creating custom command sets. Thank you.