Comcast xfinity X1 "Platform"

Can this new cable set-top box be controlled by IP?

The X1 has been around almost 2 years now as a replacement for the Motorola DC. It’s an infrared controlled box like the DC was. Comcast has some very basic things they do sometimes sending signals through the cable network, but nothing that would constitute real IP control.

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I am able to control the X1 platform with Xfinity’s apps, including all remote functions. You can do just about everything, and can even select channels through a scrollable guide. This does go over the Internet but it’s indeed IP based. Any chance there are plans to support these protocols and plans to work together with Comcast like Roomie does for Dish?

Comcast and other set-top box manufacturers are moving to a Reference Design Kit (RDK) platform. This is, ultimately, how roomie will implement an interface to the comcast boxes and talk with the set top boxes over IP. The question to roomie appears to be - When will you implement RDK interfaces to the comcast and time warner set top boxes ?

When a real box hits the market from either of those that provides a real control protocol, we’ll be all over it immediately. At this point, we’re not aware of any changes in this area. We’re keeping an eye on several conceptual/reference/standards things like RDK, CVP-2, and more, but there’s a big difference between market chit chat and real boxes at consumer homes with IP control.

At this time, we recommend TiVo Roamio as the best solution for anyone on Comcast or Time Warner, and those boxes are amazingly well integrated with Roomie via pure IP including DVR control. The normal cable boxes are also controlled via IR of course.

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