Command to start Plex home theater on HTPC

hi all,

i’m not sure if i’m asking this in the right place, but i’ve got a samsung 63" plasma hooked up to a denon reciever and an HTPC with mce controller (runing windows media center) connected to the reciever. This is the primary source for my home theater. i have been playing with plex home theater for my movie and tv library and relegating windows media center to just live and recordedTV.

My question is. how do folks use roomie to start programs on their HTPC? i.e. plex home theater. I know i can use the directional pads to move around the MCE interface and open plex from there, but is there a way to create a button in roomie that will open plex from anywhere? if so what do i need to do that?

setting up plex home theater as a device doesn’t not have a “power” button or a “start” button. it does have a “quit” button that works to close the program on the HTPC but i can’t figure out how to “open the program” directly via a button command.

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Add this command to MCE:

Please note you might have to change the location of the .exe file depending on where you initially installed it.

Then using your editor you are going to [add this to your] roomie codes file. Please copy the command below into RoomieCodes.plist


Once you have done this you need to save the RoomieCodes.plist into your dropbox account inside the Roomie folder. Once done go into the roomie remote app on your device and go to settings and restore from dropbox. Roomie will read this new code file you added. Now when you go to your device settings for Plex in your specific room you will see a command that says PLEX START. Add this to your remote with whatever button you want to create. Also, make sure to restart the MCE controller once you are done editing it’s command file so it picks up the new start command.
That should be it.

[edited by Roomie to make the command paste legible]

I can’t seem to get this toy work for me, I added the command to the .plist and to the command file on the HTPC and it will still not show up when I restore from dropbox…what am I doing wrong?

For simplicity, rather than emailing support for a copy, we are just going to attach the full set right here. This is the MCE Controller command set which you may feel free to modify and then import into your Roomie which will override the library set.

To add the custom PLEXSTART command recommended by the previous poster, you would just add that one command as shown above to this file. This file then needs to be imported to Roomie via Roomie Agent or Dropbox.

Thank you.

Thanks for the code list, I am able to see the PLEXSTART as a command on my remote, in the logs of MCE Controller it states invalid command. I updated to MCE 1.8.4 which came out last weeks, this update allows you to have all native commands built in. It no long relays on MCEControl.

Never the less, you can still add commands to the MCEContol sheet and it still states invalid command in the logs…

Here is a screen shot

I’m not familiar with the syntax used by MCE but the File value in the second posting does not look right. For example it isn’t C:Program… It is C:Program

There appears to be a slash missing …(x86 )Plex… Should be …(x86)Plex

There might be other back slashes needed. They should be inserted between each directory (folder) in the file spec.

I would also guess that the end of the command is /> OR /StartProcess> but not both. Again, just guessing.

To the moderator:


The problem is the forum system is removing the back slashes from the postings. So maybe they do exist in the second posting…but NOT in the forum display of the posting. In any case, the OP doesn’t have the back slashes correct.


  1. I got the RoomieCodes.plist to load
  2. I have “PLEX START” as a button
  3. MCE Controller shows Cmd: PLEXSTART when I push the button
  4. I have MCEControl.commands in the MCE Controller folder (with the code to start Plex)

But nothing happens, Plex will not open, Help! I am so close, how do I get Plex to Open?

Never mind I got it going, added the code buried in the documentation on MCE controller.