Commands to Agent on OS X

I’ve got a rudimentary Bluetooth LE input device (Griffin PowerMate Bluetooth - that I’m trying to integrate into my home theater room, and I’ve got an idea for using it to control my lighting system and a few components.

The PowerMate is paired to a Mac Mini, which is running the Roomie OS X Agent. I can configure it to issue up to 6 commands, each of which can be mapped to things like keyboard combinations, system events and AppleScripts. I’m wondering if I can take advantage of that last ability and use the PowerMate to run an AppleScript that somehow interfaces with the Roomie Agent to issue IR and/or IP commands to control components in my room. For example, I’d love to use the device as a virtual light switch/dimmer, or to control the volume on my amp. It’s the AppleScript/Agent interface that I’m not sure is doable.

Any thoughts on how I might accomplish this? Or even if it’s doable? Has anyone done anything similar with a Bluetooth input device using a different approach? This is purely a “nice to have” feature, so it’s no big deal if it’s not viable, but it sure would be fun to do!