Commercial Skipping

Is it possible to add a 30 second skip button for a Comcast (Pace) DVR?

There are two ways to think about that.

  • Macro multiple commands from your remote to create a button that simulates 30 seconds of skipping. For instance, if your remote has a skip button that skips 8 seconds, create a button in Roomie that sends the command 4 times. The advantage of this method is that it always works with everything.
  • If you know the exact model and manufacturer, there are often special codes you can enter either to enable a new button as 30 second skip, or to change the default skip into a 30 second skip. Google is your friend for that one. It's usually a funky sequence of commands that nobody would guess, but does exist for most boxes.
  • Thank you.

There is a “hidden” 30 second skip on every Comcast remote. It’s fairly common knowledge to anybody who has had Comcast for awhile and was technical enough to Google for it.

I think what the jonobo is asking for is the step by step process for enabling the 30 second skip on the Roomie Remote.

Below is a link with step by step in instructions on how to enable 30 second skip on the Comcast remote. … cast-dvrs/

How do we add this same “30 second skip” command to the Roomie Remote? Please provide step-by-step instructions. Thanks!

First, use the steps you found and get your original remote working with the code.

Second, learn the code in Roomie as its own device with just that one code:

Third, add the newly learned device as an infrared device to your Room.

Finally, open your Comcast Activity, tap the Design Name at the top to edit the Remote Design, choose a button you’d like to send that command, and add/change the command for that button to send the command you learned to the new device.

For this device specifically, you may also want to attach your RoomieCodes.plist file here after you learn the code for future users that come along and read this thread so that they can skip steps 1 and 2.

Thank you.