Computer control

Just wanted to make sure before buying, one system I’d like the remote to control is my htpc, either the sage tv program or j river media center. Most are up down right left arrow functions but I wanted to ensure this will be covered some how. Then I’ll merge the remote with my receiver and tv functions.

Can you confirm htpc functions can work?

We have IR codes for Sage TV HD300 in the main library.

But no option of controlling a pc via ip somehow?

It sounds like you’re talking about Windows, so we’d mention MCE Controller in that context. It has a bunch of generic PC control commands that you can also customize to some degree. We have a command set for MCE Controller.

Well I went for it and it doesn’t recognize it. I’ll play a bit I guess. Bummer if it doesn’t do it, at the $9.00 price tag.

I know Ctrl codes that work for certain functions. Is there any way to customize a mce remote?