Configurable channel numbers and channel pictures


it would be nice if i can edit the channel numbers in the guide.

My dreambox channel numbers don’t match with the standard numbers from the provider “Kabel Deutschland”.I don’t know why !?

In addition the picture for the station “DMAX” is wrong. The picture shows “Cinemax”.

Other station-pictues are very bad to identify.

I already saved my configuration to dropbox and edited the “RoomieChannels.plist”.

I edited the channel numbers and the http-link for the dmax picture.

After i imported the configuration files back in my roomie remote all is fine.

New channel numbers and a new picture for “DMAX”. But after a few seconds or whenever the channel list is updated -> all my changes are gone.

Can you please make this configurable.

+1, got the same problem. Ialso want configurational channel numbers. All my channels is in one favourite list. Now it doesnt work. Great work thou.

I have basic cable. The guid is correct but all of prime time stations are also available on digital channels in HD. I’d be nice to edit the channel number in the guid so when I select one of the prime time channels I’d just goto the HD channel. It really doesn’t matter to me if the guide is in numerical order after changing the channel number in the guid.

+1 for configurable channel numbers!

+1, should be great to be able to define the channel number for the guide as at least in Spain the guide is not correct.


Another idea, What about to be able to move up and down channels from the list?, most of us have a personalized channel list in our own order and should be perfect to be able to put the channels at the desired order



  • a Lot Customers in Liechtenstein and Switzerland

We need that feature! In our Country, the channels are full customizable on every TV or Settop Box. Without that possibility, the Guide is allmost useless!

Please make that possible. I’m shure we sell a Lot more then.

Here in the USA, we have a small problem with this in a FIOS area. They have the RTV Network logo for the Retroplex station. I’d love to change it

Same request, the app is great, and guide really nice, would be even cooler to actually be able to use it fully.


Roomie, wil this be part of a soon update, or do you recommend another way to do it ourselves? Many thanks

+1, we need configurable channel numbers

It Will be a Nice feature


Has anyone found a resolution to this?

Im thinking maybe i can change the channel settings on my dreambox so it gets correct?

+1 from The Netherlands. This thread has been dormant for a while, but still relevant for me. HD Channels start at 70 here and one of my TV’s has a mind of its own and ignores the channel order of the TV provider. So two ways to solve this:

  1. Make the channel number configurable (ideal as this would also address the issue of TV’s/tuners not following the official channel number)

  2. Allow users to re-order their line-up (so you can put any channel you fancy in the top position)

I hope this is on the radar for Roomie, would make a great tool even greater!

Hi, i was able to customize my channel list. I just edited the channel plist to match with my “Kabel Deutschland” list. But i need to hold it updated against provider changes.

If anybody is interested, i could give you feedback.



+1 from me too. And yes I’m interested in how to edit the channel plist. At least till there is an official solution in Roomie, should there ever be one :wink:

Short how to:

Create a list of your favorite channels, export to iTunes or Dropbox, modify channel numbers and order inRommieChannels.plist with a plist editor like “pList Editor Pro” and reimport. Until offical source wont change you could use it with your custom numbers. Leave the RommieChannels.plist at Dropbox so you could import again.

@neospin: Great suggestion, works for me at least for the order in which the channels appear in the list. The channel numbers are however overwritten again only a few seconds after the import. Guess that this happens along with the update of the guide content via the data provider. Roomie team: please help! I’m sure this is an issue for many users outside the US.

@eftem: Right, you could try to add channels one by one to see which channel makes the reload.

We did not have a chance in 2.1 due for release at some point within a month or so to add fully configurable channel numbers. So instead we have added at least the ability to lock channel lineups at a low level so that Roomie doesn’t try to overwrite manual changes like the last few messages have discussed. This post contains instructions on how to instruct 2.1 to lock the guide lineup so that you may make manual channel lineup changes directly to the RoomieChannels file. These instructions work only with Roomie 2.1 and assume some level of familiarity with the same Roomie customization procedures described in the Roomie DDK.

In order to lock a guide, a special key/value pair must be added to the RoomieChannels.plist configuration file as follows:

  • Locate the guide to modify under Root -> roomieChannels -> guides. You will see a list of guide UUIDs here.
  • The guide may be identified by opening each UUID dictionary and examining the "name" string value. This is the value entered when the guide was created (it also shows up when selecting the "Opens Guide" property for an activity within Roomie).
  • Under the UUID -> data dictionary add a new key called "locked" (without quotes) of type Boolean and set the value to YES.

When complete, the guide should look similar to the following (the newly created key/value pair is highlighted in blue, note that is indented, indicating its inclusion in the “data” dictionary):

To unlock a guide, simply reverse the steps and remove the “locked” key from the data dictionary. Once this is done the guide will behave as it did before being locked.

A few notes about locking:

Guide creation is not affected in any way. All new guides will continue be created as unlocked.

There is no interface inside Roomie for locking or unlocking a guide. This requires modifying the RoomieChannels.plist configuration file per above.

In addition to preventing automatic channel validation from occurring, locked guides are not able to be edited inside Roomie (either through the tucked edit button in the guide view or from the guide editor in settings) as either operation could cause any manual changes to be lost.

Selecting the guide as the “Opens Guide” property of an activity and deletion of the guide are both still permitted.

Thank you.

Thanks, sounds like this would do the trick, albeit in a slightly cumbersome way. You mention in the post this is for v2.1, so this does not work in the current 2.0.4 version, correct?

And does this mean that you will eventually (v.2.2?) add this in a UI configurable way to Roomie?

Yes, that’s just for 2.1.

Architecturally, we’re all set for configurable channel numbers, but it hasn’t boiled up to the top yet. It’s planned.

Thank you.