Consolidated manual

There is just a huge amount of great info on the Roomie web site. I wondered if this info is available in a downloadable form. Sure would be handy


We get requests for a “manual” from time to time. The problem is the vast majority of users wouldn’t read it. That was true starting about 15 years ago and today an actual manual for a software product almost never is created – even products that really should be creating good manuals like say Photoshop don’t even bother anymore, they just create online help content basically. Sure, some would read it, but the people who needed it most often would not – some people barely read the app description much less even look for a manual.

We’re therefore focused on educational materials that are closer to the task being performed. For instance, if a screen is confusing, it should have help on it, right there. Some screens do, some don’t. We could be better about that. We need to continue to identify the exact areas that need that help. In some cases we can provide on screen help for those, and others we could even provide a video tutorial, and for simpler cases perhaps just a link to a FAQ item in-app.

The important piece for us therefore is to identify what areas users would like better covered. Right now two top areas we have on the list are (1) discussion of backup/restore and synchronization, and (2) more information on customizing Remote Designs.

Version 1.8 introduces vast changes for #2, so it’s better to prepare the materials in the context of that release. Number 1 could probably be done as a FAQ item, and is covered lightly in the main Tutorial video as well today. Version 1.8 will also introduce some changes there.

3rd area is a better description and example of adding a custom device.