Constant Touch with Triggers

I would like to request that the constant touch command type be available for use with Triggered commands. For example, I’m using Launchport Buttons (just a Lutron Pico Remote) to trigger System On, System Off, Play/Pause and Volume +/-. The functionality is perfect for the first three, but volume is not quite right because I cannot just hold the button down and have the volume respond just like I’m pushing the volume button on a stock remote or even normal Simple volume remotes. I know Pico’s send a constant stream of commands when pressed, so it would seem that just the opening up of the use of the “constant touch” parameter could probably work out in this context.

I currently have a 100 ms repeat set such that changing volume is at least marginally useful, but it’s still slow, and going any longer with the repeat (or pushing the button sequentially too quickly) causes anomalous behavior and giant jumps in level.

I’ve implemented the same things with pico remotes, contact touch would be great. While it’s not totally elegant, it’s somewhat wife approved as opposed to solely relying on a tablet or phone which she doesn’t like.

This is possible with 4.2.0 (the next release).

Thank you.