Continuous brightness feedback & display for Caseta dimmers


The Lutron and Elgato Eve apps support continuous dimmer feedback. That is, brightness changes continuously and in real-time as you’re holding and moving the slider. You do not have to release the slider for the setting to take effect. This is extremely useful because you can visually monitor the brightness in a given room as you’re moving the slider and only let go once you’ve achieved the desired brightness level.

With Simple Control, you have to release the slider in order for the corresponding brightness level to take effect. This ultimately translates into a bit more trial and error to achieve the desired brightness level.

Feature requests:

  1. Slider button: support for continuous brightness feedback described above
  2. Display button: support for continuous brightness display, so that as you’re moving the slider, the visible percentage also changes, giving you a numerical indication of the brightness level before you release the slider and commit to the change.
  3. Display button: support for commands with allow the entry of a specific brightness percentage (i.e. press the display button, pop-up an input field which allows users to enter the desired brightness percentage)

Thank you