Control of Google TV and Fire TV Stick

Can Roomie control an android box, I use it to run XBMC, which it does very well. I would like to control the box when XBMC is not running. It supports Google TV and comes with an IR remote. I control XBMC via IP JSON.

Also any word on IP Support of the new Amazon fire stick?





There is a thread on the Fire TV Stick here:


Despite ordering the morning of the announcement, we couldn’t get our test unit on release day, so we will finally be receiving one later today. If there is an path that we can execute without an official API, we’ll certainly be looking at that.

Google TV has a thread in the Feature Requests forum. At this point, because the product is dead from a Google perspective, we’d recommend infrared control for Google TV as it is fairly unlikely we’d go back to add that.

Thank you.

Thanks for the reply. Let me clarify the “google tv” query. The box I am refering to really isn’t “google tv”, although the firmware splash screen box says it. It is actually pretty much an android tablet is an apple tv format size box. My version for example runs android 4.4.4. There are dozens of them out there, if you search android media player on Amazon, you will see what I mean. With that said, I do control the XBMC that I loaded on it via the Roomie IP JSON control. I would think the IR that controls it is pretty standard and almost every box uses the same remote.

Hope that helps. Thanks for a great product.