Control outside wifi network

Is it possible for me to control my system from outside my wifi area? ok am using the wi2ir unit from global cache.

Control from outside your network works the same way talking to anything inside your network does from remote. That is, it depends on your router and how you’ve configured everything.

We have used iVPN ( successfully many times. It sets up a VPN server on a Mac Mini for instance in minutes. You then change one router setting to forward PPTP to that machine. There are many such apps and solutions out there, any competent VPN solution should work.

Note that most VPNs do not pass multicast traffic so while you will be able to control devices, setting up a new configuration is not likely to work remotely.

So I would setup iVPN on both my home iMac and my iPhone. Then connect to the 2 together, then I should be able to control my devices? Also, is there a way to use roomie via my iMac? Ideally i want to use automator to control lighting in my house based on a certain time.

iVPN is a Mac OS X app. On the iPhone side, you don’t need anything. You just turn on the VPN functionality that is already built into iOS. Roomie requires iOS.