Control Paramaters Over Time Period for Philips Hue / Sonos

Hi Guys,

Wondering if there is a way, or plans to implement something that will allow value ‘x’ to be increased / decreased over a given duration.

specifically, i would like to be able to fade the brightness of hue lamps up and down. I know this is technically possible using a mountain of commands and time delays, its just way too time consuming!

This would also be cool for Sonos volume so i can also fade up music in the morning.

I currently have the alarm function working really well to put the blinds up, turn on lights to day light, turn on playbars etc. but its very much a GOOD MORNING!!! instead of a nice faded up ‘good morning’.

Why not just add a volume set command? It won’t fade up but it will play at a lower volume if it’s screaming at you in the morning.

But I do agree, something like this would be good, not sure if there’s enough of a market for it though.

i am using volume set already which works fine, would just be a nicer experience having a fade rather than an immediate on.

i think ramping hue brightness and sonos volume would be super handy. The most practical 2 things to have this as a feature.

+1 for this! It’s listed as “transitiontime” on the Hue API docs